Friday, 24 October 2014

Because She Wants to Die....

Mr. Abraham was walking through the beautiful surroundings of his house. He loved nature; all what God has created. The mountains, the rivers, trees, shrubs and even the weeds.
He always wondered living in a place full of natural beauty and he found one after his retirement. Every morning he walks through the beautiful surroundings of his house.
One day while he was having his routine morning walk, he saw something....yes....a girl at the edge of a cliff. Another minute he realises her intention. Before she would free herself from her life, Mr. Abraham after holding her hands quickly pulls her towards himself.

Mr. Abraham: (holding her hands tightly) What were you doing?
Girl: (removing his hands) You already know.
Mr. Abraham: But why?
Girl: There is no reason for me to live in this world.
Mr. Abraham: Then you should have searched for some excuse.
Girl: Why, when I have a reason to die?
Girl: And why did you save me, are all my sufferings so less that you want me to suffer more.
Mr. Abraham: You are only 22-23. How did you get such a stupid idea?
Girl: So, according to you everyone lives 100 years in this world? Have you never heard of young children dying?
Mr. Abraham: (realising the experience of his life) Yes, I have heard and even seen it.
Girl: Then you must have seen their pains, and must have heard women screaming
Mr. Abraham: Even the struggles of men. But this never means that we all kill ourselves. Every person in his life comes to a stage when he decides to die, but still he lives, we all live.
Girl: And what about them who have died?
Mr. Abraham: Wish we could have told them that dying is not a solution. Every life is a story. Sooner or later something bad comes in every story. But at that time if we end our lives, our story will remain incomplete.
Girl: Do every story has a happy ending?
Mr. Abraham: I want to hear your story. Start with your name.
Girl: Does it matter, when I have made up my mind?
Mr. Abraham: If it doesn't matter, then why don't you tell me.

                           ~to be continued~

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