Monday, 20 October 2014

Live Without Expecting

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I stopped expecting anything from anyone since the time people promised me that they will help me, they will do what I am expecting from them; but they never stood by my expectations. Now I don't expect anyone to help me with my stuffs.
You may have heard that " kamaan se nikla hua teer aur muh se nikli baat kabhi wapas nahi aati". That era was different, when words spoken out were enough for a promise to make. A promise which do not require any stamp-proof. Today people will promise you, will try to make you believe in what they say, but when you start trusting them they will deceive you. The world is full of such deceivers; you can find them anywhere.

I never trust anyone. I never expect anything from anyone. 
Kehte hain "ummid pe duniya kayam hai......"
Aap kya kehte hain?"(People say that "world stands on the pillars of expectations"....What do you say?)

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