Thursday, 26 March 2015

Why can India NEVER be clean

You might have heard about the various campaigns launched by the Indian Government like "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission), 2014", "Total Sanitation Campaign (1999)" for cleaning India. But mere these campaigns are not enough for making India a clean country. When you go out from your home to the streets you will find "Clean India" only a daydream. I list out 5 reasons in support of this conclusion.

1. India is full of 'Spitting Monsers'
Source (Photo by Miran Rijavec)
These monsters are present in every city, every town and village in India. You can find them anywhere; on the roads, in public transports, and on all public places. Every time you take a public transport you will find such 'chewing monsters' as your fellow travellers. Paan or Gutka, whatever it is, they will chew it while making variety of faces. It doesn't take much time when these 'chewing monsters' become 'spitting monsters'.  They spit here and there. They spit everywhere. They don't even care whether you got a newly painted wall of your house, they will always find a corner where they can spit the dirt of their mouth. Every street, every wall and every corner of India has the sign of this master-art.

2. Why to use dustbins when you have roads
Source (Photo by Eric Parker)
Golgappe, chaat, aloo paranthe; your mouth (if you are an Indian) may have started watering when you read these delicious words and you may have pictured yourself in the streets with a roadside vendor. You may have also noticed (yes, in your imagination) the empty plates lying all around the food stall. Indians cannot even imagine a roadside stall without empty plates and glasses all around it. Most of the vendors don't keep a dustbin with their stalls and even if they keep one people won't find worth to use it.

3. Moongfalis (Peanuts) are the best time-pass
Source (Photo by Kathryn Greenhill)
How many of you have seen a vendor selling moongfalis (peanuts) in a bus or in a train, on a railway platform or on a bus station by claiming them to be the best time-pass. 'Moongfali khayiye, time pass kijiye (Have peanuts, have a time-pass)'. Most of the Indians don't prefer reading books or magazines (other than 'Manohar Kahaniyan'), they only prefer to eat moongfalis and have some useless political discussions.
The problem is not with moongfalis the problem is with the people. They will eat nuts and throw the shells anywhere they found it easy to; even the place where they are sitting. Buses, trains, railway platforms, bus stations, etc. are always packed with these nutshells lying here and there.

4. Indians love to shit on roadsides and fields
Source (Photo by SuSanA Secretariat)
More than half of the population of India practice open defecation. Even if you provide them a proper toilet, they won't use it. Every morning they go to the fields with a jug full of water in their hands to perform their daily routine.

5. "Hum do humare nao (We are two, we have nine)"
"Hum do humare nao", is the principle of Indians' family planning. The population of India has crossed 1.2 billion and is still increasing. More the number of people, more will be the 'spitting monsters', the more aloo parantha lovers, the more they will eat moongfalis to have time-pass and the more they will publicly defecate.
"Hum do humare nao" can do nothing for Indian couples, only they can make their own cricket teams.


  1. I realize that some what it is true but don't let your hope down, be positive!

  2. In order to change things, we first need to believe that change is possible. It may take a long time, small but consistent steps will only lead to a big change. India will be cleaner.

    1. Everyone wish to live in a clean country. Hoping someday our wish will get fulfilled.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your views here.