Thursday, 2 April 2015

I Just Followed My Heart...

Source (Photo by Aundre Larrow)
It was mid-august. I was sitting inside a cab heading Noida. I had to buy some materials needed for my final year project. I was thinking about the day in my college, about a girl, smiling and hiding it from the fellow passengers. Just then, I received a call. 
"Hi! I just want to say thanks to you for helping me out with that stuff. Those problems were really tough. I couldn't have managed to solve them on my own."
"You're welcome! Even I am glad to help you."


It was the last day for submitting our assignments. It would add to our scores in the semester. If anyone failed to submit it, he/she would lose 10 marks in the internals. I submitted the assignments a day before. And that day I helped out this girl in solving and finally submitting them.

There was a boring lecture going on. Me and my friends decided to bunk the class to have our daily treat. Every day we used to bunk one or two classes either to treat ourselves with fast foods, or coffee or to just treat our eyes by watching first year girls. There was a door at the back of our classroom. Once the lecturer turns back to write something on the board, you can easily exit the classroom through it, without even lecturer noticing it (our past 3 years experience). It was so easy and we did that in exactly the same way. Just when we were entering the corridor to the main exit of the building, we saw one of our classmates, a 'maal' (the term used by boys when they talk about girls); more precisely 'our own maal'. She was sitting on the floor, with some printed papers, some books and some blank sheets. With a pen in her hand, she was writing something. I tried to figure out what she was writing. May be she bunked the class to write her assignments. My friends were not much interested in what she was doing because they were more interested in watching the new 'maals'. But I knew it was the right time to talk to a girl whom you have talked only a little, but your heart always desired to talk more and later cursed you for not being able to convert a small talk into a big conversation. I just excused my friends telling them that I need to go to the washroom, they should go and I'll come in few minutes. They just moved ahead and I went into the washroom to look into the mirror and check whether I had the courage to start the conversation with her. I gathered enough courage and came out of the washroom in 10 seconds or so and went straight to her.

"Hey! What are you doing here? There's a class going on."
She just looked upwards, towards me.
"Yeah, I know, But I need to complete my assignments today itself. You know it's the last day."
I already guessed it right.
"Okay. So how much have you done till now?"
"Not much I am finding them difficult. I mean these problems are really tough. By the way, what are you doing here? Not attending the class?"
"The class was boring. So I decided to bunk."
"Okay. What about your assignments, are they completed?"
"Yeah, I submitted them yesterday."
There was a silence for few seconds and I was still standing in front of her, and she needs to look up to talk to me.
And then, she broke the silence.
"Will you mind helping me out with these problems?"
I was glad she just asked what I was thinking to ask her but could not gather the courage.
With a cheerful face I replied,
"Of course! Who would mind helping a beautiful girl like you."
I just sat down on the floor with her. My heart was pounding hard and my mind was somewhere in a dreamland. Was I dreaming? I gave it a second thought. I pinched myself just to make sure that this was a reality, also ensuring that she does not notice it. 
We worked on the problems together, learning and solving, and sharing our experiences of college life, having fun and enjoying each and  every moment we were spending together.
And when we finished the work and were going to the concerned faculty to submit the assignments, she just asked
"Did it hurt?"
"You pinched yourself?"
I was amazed how she noticed that!


"Hey! I hear some noises. Are you in a cab, or a bus, or something like that? Going somewhere?"
"Yes, in a cab, going to Noida."
"What for?"
"I just need to buy some materials for my project."
"Okay! Are you alone?"
"Yes. Why?"
"You should have taken someone with you. Just to talk on the way. I mean it's boring to travel alone."
I paused for a second and asked
"What are you doing?"
"Nothing much."
"Why don't you come with me?"
I know I was crazy asking this. I was already travelling for about 15 minutes and it was only a total journey of 45 minutes from my college.
"Are you crazy?"
"That's what I was thinking. I just followed my heart. Well! It doesn't matter much to me if you agree."
"I mean you are already in a cab and moving. How can I..."
"It's only 15 minutes since I am travelling. I can return to Parichowk in about 20 minutes, meanwhile you can get ready. I just realised that it's boring to travel alone."
"I meant you should have taken any of your friends from the hostel. It's already late."
"Look, I don't have much time I will already be in Noida in half an hour. Forget everything just listen to your heart, what it says. If it says yes, come to Parichowk I'll be waiting, if it says's okay...I will understand that I was crazy enough to ask you."
She paused for 2 seconds and replied
"Are you serious?"
"I am definitely not joking."
"Okay. Give me 2 minutes time. Let me listen to my heart. I will call you. If I don't I am sorry."

She disconnected. I was not sure whether she would call back, but I don't know why my heart was saying that she will. I knew it was crazy, but still I was happy that at least I gathered enough courage to say it clearly what my heart asked me to.

After 2 minutes a message beeped in my phone. My God! It was from her. It read
"Do you really want me to come with you?"
"You doubt?"
"No....Okay. Get off the cab. I am getting ready. And you know, you are damn crazy."
I was so happy that she agreed.
"Thank you. Thanks a lot. I am so glad that you agreed. But don't take much time to get ready, I'll be at Parichowk in 25 minutes."
"I am not going to listen you this time. At least 40 minutes. Okay?"

Without wasting a second I asked the driver to stop and got out of the cab, payed him, crossed the road and took another cab back to Parichowk. I waited there for 20 minutes and then she came. She was looking as the most beautiful, the most lovely girl I have ever seen.

I still remember the day. The day when I felt that I was the luckiest guy in the world.
Mind always uses some calculations and manipulations to put forward an idea, while heart knows no known theories, no known calculations, still puts an idea. 
"There are still some laws of universe undiscovered by humans."

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  2. cute story...keep it up Shoaib.

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